Dog behaviour

Critical Behaviour Training Course

Many clients that we see inform us that they have attended training courses with their dog and have been made to feel like an outcast. Their dog's behaviour has led to them being removed on a temporary or permanent basis from their class.

Here, we encourage and welcome people with behaviourally problematic dogs. We offer eight week courses specifically designed for behaviour reformation. Teaching obedience - always at a rate dictated by the dogs and offering socialisation and specific control exercises for our clients' dogs.

It is commonplace for our courses to have dogs that are aggressive, or exhibiting anxiety or simply out of control dogs for training. Week one begins with introductions of your tutors and delegates. Here you will listen to interesting stories from other dog owners about their dogs and the problem behaviours before we commence training with the dogs.

Due to safety and the nature of our work, we limit the number of dogs that attend each critical behaviour course to no more than ten per two instructors.

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