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Dog training

Puppy Training and Behaviour Course

Location: Bourne End Hall, Hertfordshire and St Peters Hall, Maida Vale.

Course Aims

To promote good, sensible dog ownership, to prevent behaviour problems and to ensure that owners are aware of the need for correct controlled socialisation and realise the need for continued training and education throughout the dogs life. To integrate the dog into the family group and pave the way to a well mannered, obedient family companion

Structure of the course

The course will be run in conjunction with the puppies on the course and their level of energy and the handler/owners experience. As a guide one can expect the lessons to be broken in to the following; Interval training, short training sessions broken up with; discussion on selected topic alongside psychology and training films, games and puppy examination and handling. Questions and answer session on the previous week at home and problems experienced.

Correct controlled Socialisation with other dogs is vital in order for the dog to develop in to a normal tempered animal. Socialisation however, has been greatly misinterpreted in the past by some trainers. Socialisation is the process of dogs interacting with each other and learning through play, the language of their own kind. This does not happen when puppies of different breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments are all released loose in to a room. In these circumstances, some puppies get bullied, some learn to bully and to dominate and most if not all learn to ignore their owner in the presence of other dogs - the exact oposite of what most people require. Free-for-all socialisation plays a large part in the increase of dog on dog aggression that we have to deal with, whether through trauma, these dogs have learnt that the best defence is attack or through successful repetition of dominating other dogs.

Play times are issued and encouraged by your training tutor with suitable dogs and at suitable times, being in an area with other dogs and learning to respond to you is the priority.

Course Contents

  • Teaching the Sit
  • Teaching the Down
  • Teaching the Flat for examinations
  • Teaching the Away command
  • Teaching and explaining the recall
  • Teaching the Stays
  • Teaching the puppy to walk on a loose lead
  • Puppy being examined and handled by owner/others
  • Controlled socialisation and interaction with other puppies
  • Meeting adult dogs
  • How to groom and examine your dog and why
  • How to clean the dog's teeth
  • Diet options discussed
  • Appropriate toys demonstrated and discussed
  • Handling games and toys
  • Handling new or traumatic experiences with the puppy
  • Focus on preventing aggression in the future adult dog
  • Preventing anxiety and phobic problems
  • Discussion and aiding socialisation and the importance of careful control
  • House Toilet Training
  • Chewing and Play biting Prevention
  • General house and car control of the dog
  • The behavioural and developmental stages in the dog
  • Teaching the leave command and food rules
  • To book a training course: 0845 833 0992 or email us