Dog behaviour

How to use your Pet Insurance

Our Canine Behaviour Practitioners are members of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association of Great Britain (CFBA). Most pet insurance companies recognise the CFBA for clients who are referred by their veterinary surgeon. (Pet Insurance does not cover dog training).

It is suggested that the client contacts their insurance provider in advance of booking a consultation to check the details of cover and exceptions within their specific policy type. If the client contacts us directly and wishes to use their pet insurance we explain procedure as above and ask them to contact their veterinarian to obtain a referral, either verbal or written depending on the company that the pet is insured with and their requirements.

We subsequently send a copy of the report to the referring veterinarian for their perusal. If the behaviour presented to us is such that we feel that a medical examination of the dog in question is relevant (to the exhibited behaviour problem) we advise the client accordingly.

Consultation fees are payable at the consultation. In some cases, we will agree to be paid directly from the Pet Insurance Company, but this must be arranged prior to the consultation appointment. Due to the sucess of our consultation process; 92 % of clients are seen once, 7% are seen twice, 1% are seen three times