Dog behaviour

New puppy consultation

The new puppy consultation is probably the most important two hours an owner can spend on their dog's future. It is extremely rare that a puppy which has been seen by us ever to need a behavioural consultation later in adulthood.

This compact consultation guides you through the most important learning curve in your puppy's early development. Most new dog owners who book a puppy consultation with us write their own list of concerns for the future and current problems. This will all be addressed in addition to the following:

How Dogs Learn
The Puppy's view of our world (and your home)
Nutrition for life
Prevention of Problems - Chewing and General Destruction
Dangers; Plants, Electrical Objects and destruction prevention
Obedience Training for Puppies
Obedience Training: Sit, Down, Heel, Stays - the use of rewards
Car Training and Sickness Prevention
House Toilet Training
Socialisation - the correct route and the vital periods
House geography - begin as you mean to continue
Children and Puppies (if applicable)
Visual (Video) Programmes and aids
Continuity Advice - E-mail, Telephone etc

Information on adult dog training and our courses