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This is an information site concerning dog training & behaviour, feline behaviour and German Shepherd Dog Rescue and Rehoming. We hope you enjoy browsing this site...

Judy Cooper has dedicated her life's work to canine welfare, training and behaviour. For the last forty-two years, Judy has been advising on canine husbandry, care, training and behaviour problems. She has bred German Shepherd Dogs and worked tirelessly to promote responsible dog ownership.

Now her time is taken up with rehoming dogs, advising on canine behaviour and instructing at dog training classes.


Judy trains and instructs at the London Dog Behaviour Company, who specialise in training dogs in real-life obedience combined with solving behavioural problems in all breeds of dog. She has instructed and trained over five hundred dogs and their owners on the courses. Many of the dogs that attend the classes are directed from the Canine and Feline Behaviour Centre or veterinary practices. judy cooper - dog training buckinghamshire

Judy Cooper with two of her German Shepherd Dogs